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Goalkeeper Course (5 Day Residential)

This August 2010, Just4keepers ran our International 5 Day residential course. With J4K coaches coming from 6 countries and Goalkeeper students coming from 8 countries, this was a remarkable event!

However, rather than me saying how great this 5 day goalkeeper training course went, please read just a few of the parents and students testimonies,!

best of Goalkeeping

Ray Newland

Just4keepers 5 Day International Camp: August 2010


I would like to thank Ray and all the coaches at Peterborough for sharing their many years of coaching experience with me and giving me an experience I will never forget. The training was hard work but I feel that I have improved as a goalkeeper and also developed as a person. I enjoyed every minute I was in Peterborough and can’t wait to get back there. Thanks guys.

I would like to thank you and all of the other coaches at the camp for giving me such a great experience and for creating such a brilliant learning atmosphere. I feel like that in the 5 days my keeping has come along fantastically and most importantly i now have much more confidence as a keeper, something that was severely lacking. This improvement was noted after keeping a clean sheet (the first one for my new club) in the last training/warm up game for the up and coming season. My reactions were sharper and my distribution was better, with notable improvements to my handling also recognized by my team mates (whilst wearing your Just4keepers finger-save gloves by the way). So, i'd just like to really thank you and the coaches, especially Mark, Marcel and Martin, for all the time and effort you put in making it one fantastic camp and will surely be attending next year!

Mitchell Barwick

Kieran and myself just wanted to say a huge thanks for the camp, kieran had a fantastic time, he hasnt stopped talking about the week Lol and is already wanting to come again next year. I hope he wasnt to much trouble (as i know he can be a handful!)

Sue and kieran chaffe

Thanks again to Ian, you and all the other coaches for a great and fun week. Dan thoroughly enjoyed it and so did I! The sight of 90+ students training out together was an inspiring sight to behold. 
Long live J4K! Smile emoticon

Graham Herbert

Just a little note to say thanks for the fantastic week Ray, was by far the best camp i have ever been on, the drills were fantastic and the coaches, all amazing. I had a laugh but was worked incredibly hard at the same time and the weather made the course even more interesting lol
Thank you very much for a fantastic week and i am looking forward to the next one

James Reed

Mitch has just come back from the camp at Oundle, we would just like to say what a great time he had, and he has learnt so much, with the help of yourself and the rest of the coaches. I would like to say a BIG thanks to everyone as although Mitch did not stay as a residential (we only live 12 miles away) he was always made to feel welcome by everyone,  especially a big shout to Lewis Bland and George Watt who allowed him to use their room as a base and somewhere to get changed in.
Mitchel Leggets (Parents)

Hi Ray,

I'm another one who is going to make your day. Please feel free to be bigheaded.
John has not stopped talking about the camp, he thoroughly enjoyed his week.  It is testament to you and the other coaches that he has come home a better keeper and in a great mood. He has told me that due to being coached by Just 4 Keepers, he is now in a great frame of mind and feels extremely confident in all he does. I don't know what you were teaching him, but he now scores goals as well as saving them! He played on Sunday and scored from a clearance. He has asked me to thank you and the other guys for a fantastic week. He will be seeing Ian Pledger later this week and will no doubt tell him personally how he feels.
Thank you very much Ray, both my wife and myself feel honoured that you looked after John in the caring way that you did.

Paul Swales

Plus i just want to say that week was the best week of my life so far, loads of good memories plus made a load of new friends, also i have learnt so much from all the coaching i received. If the camp is on next year you can guarantee that i will be the first one to get my name on the list
James Webber

Hi Ray 
Just a quick mail to give you Toms thoughts on the camp…………………..
I know he must have enjoyed it as I didn’t hear a word from him for the whole 5 days!!
Anyhow he really enjoyed the course and can’t wait for the next one, he says the location was superb; coaches were very friendly and helpful, food was excellent and nutritious!!
He felt at home all week and made loads of friends, I’m sure he will see you next year.
 Tony and Tom Lloyd
Hi Ray
My son, Harrison (the one that you had to give a pound to!) loved the camp. His exact words were : “I really enjoyed the camp, it was much better than PGL.”
He says that he learnt a lot on the course and got the most out of the sessions on angles. He also was happy with training in the rain
The venue and facilities looked excellent and Harrison also enjoyed the float war in the swimming pool.
Thanks for everything – he definitely wants to go again next year!
Finally, we haven’t received the ebook on how to be a professional goalkeeper yet – can you send please?
Thanks for looking after Harrison so well.

John Pitt

Dear Ray,

Wanted to put in words how grateful we as parents are with how you was with our son Dylan (Homesick boy) Parkin.

Its always hard leaving them, and to be asked to come home straight away was hard to here, but with yours and Ian's help he managed to come through the 5 days and now wants to come every time you do a camp!!  Think that speaks volumes for how you handled and helped him grow up in them few days.

Now onto the goalkeeping part!!

He has told me he's a new improved keeper now after 5 days with you and your coaches!!
As you mentioned in your presentation he never shut up on way home telling us what he was doing all week and his biggest smile was telling how he and the little Slovakia lad won a game on Wednesday! He was so proud of this and you could tell how he was speaking.

He wants to do more coaching now and has mentioned something about a local J4K school, so if you could send us the details we would be so grateful.

If any future parents would like to speak to other parents who have sent there kids to your camps then please feel free to forward our details i,e e-mail address or mobile number and we will totally support the camps you do.

Again massive thanks to Ian, your coaches and a big thank you to yourself, and I know Dylan is already looking forward to seeing you again at next camp.

Best regards,

Brian and Lisa Parkin.

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