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Kids Goalkeeper Gloves

Kids goalkeeper gloves

As a parent how to you pick the correct kids goalkeeper gloves for your child?

With literally hundreds of keeper gloves to choose from, I understand just how easy it is for a parent to be intimidated by which gloves to choose.

There are finger save gloves, negative cut, flat cut, supa cut, supa dupa cut, etc etc... so it gets really confusing if you do not know what to look for!

Obviously every goalkeeper glove brand is going to try and persuade you to buy their glove by making their glove name sound jazzy, and state they are the 'best goalkeeper glove on the market!'

But the truth is, most decent goalkeeper gloves are all the SAME! DO NOT be fooled by jazzy names or flashy colours. They are all the same.

The biggest mistake parents make when buying kids goalkeeper gloves for their child is:

1. They go to sports wholesale shops and purchase glove for less than $20 (£10). However most of these gloves are just a 2mm or 3mm palm, which are just too thin for a child. These gloves offer little padding and they do not last very long!

2. They go to the extreme and buy the 'So Called' BEST glove on the market for $100+ (£50+). There is NO such thing as the best goalie glove on the market!

If your child is under 13 years old, Parents, PLEASE DO NOT pay more than $60 (£30) as there are a few reasons why you are wasting your money:

Reason 1: Children to not look after their gloves and if they are not looked after properly, they will not last one month!

Reason 2: Most soccer pitches that youngsters play on, are muddy, gritty etc, so even though you may have a pair of junior goalkeeper gloves worth a $1000 (£2000) if the pitch is poor the gloves will not be effective.
Reason 3: If a poor soccer ball is used, again even if the junior gloves cost a fortune, they will not be effective!

So in my honest professional opinion and over thirty years of playing in goal and goalkeeper coaching at the highest level, I believe parents should buy middle of the range junior goalkeeper gloves.
Please believe me when I say, for children that middle range keeper gloves, will do the SAME job as the top of the range glove... period!

And the bonus is, you will get two (maybe three) more times keeper gloves for your money!
So this tip should save you A LOT of money over a soccer season.

I have coached over 10,000 goalkeepers over the past 20 years and I go mad when I see my goalkeeper students losing money by buying the wrong keeper glove.

I hope this tip helps mums and dads save a fortune on buying kids goalkeeper gloves for their child.
Best of goalkeeping

Ray Newland

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