Sunday, July 15, 2012

Discounted Goalkeeper Gloves

Goalkeeping gloves are the most important parts of a keeper’s equipment. If you’re a casual GK, you may be able to get away with a pair of cheap discounted gloves. However, if you play with any degree of seriousness, cheap discounted gloves could cost you significantly more in the long run, both financially and professionally. 

Disadvantages of cheap Discounted Goalkeeper Gloves
Cheap gloves may save you a bit money up front, but that is pretty much the only benefit. If you end up having to buy new gloves constantly, then then benefit quickly dissappear.

·         Poor fit. cheap gloves tend to fit bery poorly or the palms are only 2cm thick. this is not good for a goalkeeper.

      Poor materials. on cheap gloves, nomally the materials are of poor standard. again this is no good for the keepers

·         Poor overall quality. Even if a pair of cheap discounted gloves is made with fairly decent materials, it may be poorly designed normally these gloves fall apart after just a few games.

Your gloves really aren’t the best place to be sacrificing quality to save money becasue in the long run, you will most probaby end up spending more money. 

Another tip: Always try your glove out first in your goalkeeping training. This way you can make sure its ok before you use in a game.