Monday, January 27, 2014

Win Free Goalkeeper Gloves

As there are few goalkeeper glove competitions on the internet, I and Just4keepers have been running some quality genuine goalie glove competitions for over a year now.

As you probably know, most keeper glove draws are only run because glove companies because they are launching a new keeperglove brand or you have to give them your email address, so they can then pester the life out of you with promotions, deals and so called glove offers.

However at J4K we are different because even though we have our own goalkeeper glove brand and they are very popular internationally, we do NOT see ourselves as a glove company. we still see ourselves as goalkeeper coaches, and as goalkeeper coaches we see things through the eyes of our students and also the eyes of the students parents (as use are the guys who are forking out every month for these goalkeeping gloves).

With the Just4keepers free goalkeeper glove draw...

We NEVER ask you for a email address
We NEVER try and ram our new glove rage down your throat
We NEVER bump up our prices, so we can give you a so called great deal.

Our free gk glove draw are 100% genuine!

So check out just4keepers and are 'every other week' free goalkeeper glove competition.

Just4keepers NEO Goalkeeper Glove