Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Goalkeeper Coaching Jobs

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this is a quick message for goalkeeper coaches looking for goalkeeper coaching jobs. Hopefully this website will help you?

Goalkeeper Coaching Jobs

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Finger Save Goalkeeper Gloves

Just find this information on picking the best finger save gloves...


I hope this helps??

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More information in Flat Palm Goalkeeper Glove

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also just come across this site, for more advice on flat palm goalkeeper glove.

I hope this helps?

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LEGEND Joins Just4keepers

For those of you who do not know: GOALKEEPING LEGEND Jim Leighton has joined just4keepers

This take the combined experience of just4keepers goalkeeper coaches to an amazing 500 years!

OVER 10,000 professional games bewteen us


OVER 1 MILLION HOURS played professionally bewteen the J4K coaches!

Flat Palms

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yet another post!

if you want information on how to pick the best flat pal goalkeeper gloves, please check out:
flat palm goalkeeper gloves

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Dodgy Goalkeeper Schools

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I heard of so many horror stories this month off parents taking their child to a goalkeeper schools only to have a terrible experience. Basically because the goalkeeper coach did not have a clue what he was doing.

if you are not currently coming to Just4keepers. Why not!! (only joking)

However if you read this: www.squidoo.com/goalkeeperschools I think you will twice before you take your child to a bag and a ball type goalkeeper schools!

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How to buy the correct finger save goalkeeper gloves

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I am getting asked all the time now, how to you pick the best finger save goalkeeper gloves.

hopfully this link will help you?


I hope this helps?

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

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Just a quick post:

We hope you like our new website www.just4keepers.co.uk

Any feedback on our new website would be deeply appreciated.

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Goalkeeper Tips

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Another quick post: Another website we have just lauched to help our students is:

We hope this other free service from Just4keepers helps!

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Friday, February 12, 2010

Specialist Goalkeeper Training

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Maybe this quick post will help you?

Its about the many rogue goalkeeper training schools out there with poor inexperienced goalkeeper coaches.

check out www.squidoo.com/goalkeepertraining

Maybe pass this website to one of your friends if you think they are going to a dodgy goalkeeper training schools!LOL

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professional goalkeeper gloves

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Just a quick post: If you want to know how to pick the best professional goalkeeper gloves, check out this qucik website that i have done for you.

Its designed to give some help and feedback on picking the bst professional goalkeepers gloves.

so check out: www.squidoo.com/professionalgoalkeepergloves

Thursday, February 04, 2010

A Legend joins Just4Keepers

If you are invloved in goalkeeping, the chances are you would have heard of Jim Leighton!

Jim is the most capped scottish goalkeeper in history, has played in THREE world cups and has done that much in the game of goalkeeping, he was awarded an MBE!

Jim also played for Manchester United!

Even though in Just4keepers we have many Ex International goalkeepers who coach under the Just4keepers colours, it is still is a massive honour to have a goalkeeper like Jim, with his IMMENSE knowledge of goalkeeping attached to Just4keepers!

We would like to welcome Jim to J4K and looking forward to tapping into his knowledge of goalkeeping which only a few other goalkeepers have in this world!

We are also very excited for the students who will get taught by Jim!

Best Wishes

Ray Newland

Watch out dodgy Goalkeeper Coaches about!!!

I have been running goalkeeper coaching schools for OVER 10 years now and before that i was a professional goakeeper for 10 years... so i do know my goalkeeping business!

Over the past year or so, I have worryingly seen a number of dangerous goalkeeper coaches coming onto the coaching scene!

This especially is the case in the UK, USA and Canada!

What i mean by dangerous is these guys are NOT qualified to coach goalkeepers. Ok, they might have their goalkeeper coaching badge... but if your really understand goalkeeping, you know this means nothing!!!

I hear there are a few goalkeeper coaches who are stating they have played for professional football clubs. But when you do your research on these guys, it turns out they never played for any professional football club. They might have been there when they were 12 years old but certainly did not play professional.

The coaches i believe who are saying this played in the 80s and 90s so it can be hard to prove what they say is correct.

So just be carful guys, if your GK coach is stating he is an ex professional goalkeeper. Google him.

If his name does not pop stating he HAS played professionally. He is lying!

So why do they do this?

Simple, they want you to hand over your hard earned cash and as they probably struggle what to do as a goalkeeper coach, as their knowledge is limited they try and blind you with science!

But do not be fooled!

Another tell tale sign of a goalkeeper coach who may not know his game, are the ones that use all these fancy apparatus's that you can buy to aid you with your goalkeeping! Now i am not saying these aids are bad as some of them are very good as long as you use in moederation. But the GK coaches who use them all the time only do so as they are struggling for training session plans because of their lack of knowledge!.

So be warned: Please do your homework on your coach before you let your child anywhere near him!

I Hope this helps?

Ray Newland