Thursday, February 04, 2010

A Legend joins Just4Keepers

If you are invloved in goalkeeping, the chances are you would have heard of Jim Leighton!

Jim is the most capped scottish goalkeeper in history, has played in THREE world cups and has done that much in the game of goalkeeping, he was awarded an MBE!

Jim also played for Manchester United!

Even though in Just4keepers we have many Ex International goalkeepers who coach under the Just4keepers colours, it is still is a massive honour to have a goalkeeper like Jim, with his IMMENSE knowledge of goalkeeping attached to Just4keepers!

We would like to welcome Jim to J4K and looking forward to tapping into his knowledge of goalkeeping which only a few other goalkeepers have in this world!

We are also very excited for the students who will get taught by Jim!

Best Wishes

Ray Newland

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