Monday, April 11, 2011

J4K Coaches Go ape!

Recently some of the J4K coaches got together for a team building day at GO APE. I will not mention names but some of our so called brave professional goalkeepers go vertigo just 6ft up climbing the trees. lol

One Just4keepers Goalkeeper Coach  clung to a tree 30ft in he air for close to 45 minutes until he was rescued. So calling all Just4keepers Students ask your J4K coach  was he the tree hugger???

Just some of the J4K coaches looking weary after nearly 3 hours clambering through trees and hire wires!

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Cyprus Champion wears J4K Gloves

This is a picture of Nuno Santos who plays for Ethnikos A FC who play in Cyprus who won a major cup wearing the J4K glove.

Every week there is at least one professional goalkeeper who turns to the Just4keepers Goalkeeper Glove!

See Nuno wearing the J4K PRO Glove, the professional goalkeepers choice!