Tuesday, November 30, 2010

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Dear Fellow Goalkeepers

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Monday, November 29, 2010

J4K Does it AGAIN with Rocdale Keeper!

Ex Just4keepers student Matty Edwards made his full professional debut this weekend against Oldham athlectic, playing for Rocdale FC!

It only seems like yesterday I was putting Matty through his paces at the Just4keepers Goalkeeper Coaching clinics on the Wirral . After personally recommending Matty to Manchester United, where he spent 3 years, he then moved onto Leeds United and is now Professional at Rocdale FC.

 This is Matty as a youngster when he signed from just4keepers to Manchester United:

It makes me VERY proud to see young quality English keepers coming through the ranks, especially another J4K success story!!! I believe Matty Edwards has a wonderful career ahead of him!
Matty Edwards Pictured as No 21 making his debut for Rocdale against Oldham Athlectic!

Well done Matty, very proud of your achievements.

Ray Newland

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Bad Goalkeeper Training Techniques

This is what happens when you do not get the proper goalkeeper training, just check out the poor foot position and also the hands!!!!

This is really bad coaching tehcniques!!!!!!

Thank you J4K Coach Darren Quigley from Ireland!!!!! 

Friday, November 26, 2010

Goalkeeper training in Watford

Would you like to receive FREE Goalkeeper training in Watford? Just4keepers is now the biggest Goalkeeping coaching schools Internationally,  now operating in 12 Countries and has helped OVER 250 budding goalkeepers get to professional clubs. And with prices starting at just £5 per hour, why pay the silly high prices elsewhere?

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Best of keeping

Ray Newland

Goalkeeper Coaching in Watford

Would you like to receive a FREE Goalkeeper Coaching Session in Watford? Just4keepers is the biggest Goalkeeping training schools in the world, now operating in 4 Continents and has helped OVER 250 young goalkeepers get to professional clubs. And with prices starting at just £5 per session, why pay the high prices elsewhere?

For your free Goalie lesson, email Jason Jamal at : jason.jamal@just4keepers.co.uk

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Best of Goalkeeping

Ray Newland

How to keep warm as a Goalkeeper

Matty Donnelly asked me a quality question this week, which I thought I had covered, but obviously have not!!!

And that is: How do you keep yourself warm as a goalkeeper when you have nothing to do in a soccer match.

And it is REALLY important that you keep yourself warm as a goalkeeper!!!

One thing I teach my students at the Just4keepers Goalkeeper Coaching centres is to get in a bad soccer team. As daft as it sounds what is the point being in a good team and only having to make one save every 10 games. This is NOT going to develop you!

So if you are in a bad team, trust me most games you will not get time to get cold!!!

But what I did to keep myself warm, was little exercises:

Knees to chest
Shoulder rolling
Little sprints across my goalkeeping area
Side stepping across my area
Emulating coming for a cross at the highest point
Etc etc etc

Important: While you do these little exercises you must:

1: Focus on the game and keep concentration
2: Try not to wander too far out of position.

I hope this quick goalkeeping tip helped?

Ray Newland

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Goalkeeper Training in Birmingham

If you want to get taught by a ex international goalkeeper from Just4keepers for free, please contact Neil Cutler who is running goalkeeper coaching sessions throughout Birmingham for all goalkeeping levels. J4K is now the biggest goalkeeping schools internationally operating in 12 countries, so you will be in GREAT hands in Birmingham. Email Neil on neilcutler@just4keepers.co.uk

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Communicating as a goalkeeper

Most goalkeepers know the importance of talking in a game situation. Talking as a keeper is one of the most important traits to have and I will go as far to say that if you are a goalie who does not communicate to his defence and team mates, you will struggle playing at the high levels.

Because communication is vital as a keeper!

Now this article is actually not about the positive type of talking you should do between the sticks, like organising your defence or shouting for the ball. No, I am going to talk about a different type of talking that is bad for you.

When I walk around local soccer grounds to watch my goalkeeping students play their game, I am totally amazed by the amount of young goalkeepers who chat to people behind their goal.
Now most of the time, the person behind the goal is the parent and this can cause massive problems for the keeper who is playing.

I have actually seen goalkeepers leaning on the goal posts while the game is going on chatting to the person or persons behind their goal, which is very dangerous.

Two things happen here, one, you are out of position so if the opposing team break away and you are caught out of position, this will most probably result in a goal against you, which is bad for the team and also makes you look bad.

And two, you lose concentration! Concentration in arguably the most VITAL skill a GK needs to take out onto the pitch. In fact the best keepers in the world are the best because they have mastered how to concentrate while playing.

Even if you have a quick chat while playing, this will actually take you OUT of the game and again if an opposing team breaks away and you are not 100% focused on what’s happening in front of you, again do not be surprised if you concede a silly goal.

So if you are one of these parents who chats away to your child while they are playing their soccer game, please stop because you now know you are doing your goalkeeper/child more harm than good!

If attend goalie Schools at present, also ask your coach about this important trait!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Hi Guys

You HAVE TO VIEW THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is J4K South African student Philip De Gouveia who attends J4K Goalkeeper Coaching schools in

I met Phil when he attended ourr 5 day residential this year (2010) and he was one great lad. I then found out he went on south Africa Idol, which is like the x factor. What was great about this, he pretended to be serious even though he was going just for a laugh.

Check out the Judges faces.lol