Friday, November 26, 2010

How to keep warm as a Goalkeeper

Matty Donnelly asked me a quality question this week, which I thought I had covered, but obviously have not!!!

And that is: How do you keep yourself warm as a goalkeeper when you have nothing to do in a soccer match.

And it is REALLY important that you keep yourself warm as a goalkeeper!!!

One thing I teach my students at the Just4keepers Goalkeeper Coaching centres is to get in a bad soccer team. As daft as it sounds what is the point being in a good team and only having to make one save every 10 games. This is NOT going to develop you!

So if you are in a bad team, trust me most games you will not get time to get cold!!!

But what I did to keep myself warm, was little exercises:

Knees to chest
Shoulder rolling
Little sprints across my goalkeeping area
Side stepping across my area
Emulating coming for a cross at the highest point
Etc etc etc

Important: While you do these little exercises you must:

1: Focus on the game and keep concentration
2: Try not to wander too far out of position.

I hope this quick goalkeeping tip helped?

Ray Newland

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