Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Expensive Goalkeeper Coaching... are you getting ripped off?

I have been running goalkeeper coaching schools for over a decade now, and in this time I rarely look at what other goalkeeper schools are doing. This is not arrogance, it’s just I am soooo busy, plus I strongly believe in focusing on what you are doing yourself and not worrying about others.

At Just4keepers coaching we pride ourselves at providing high specification GK coaching, from experienced coaches at fair prices.

This week I have had a look at what some other GK schools are doing, some great, some not so great. But one sad thing I have noticed is how much money these coaching schools are charging. At J4K we pride ourselves at keeping prices low, especially with the tough financial times we are in. I think this comes from me being a parent myself, so I appreciate every penny counts for a lot of mums and dads.

So to see goalkeeping schools charging £10 plus for a hourly session is absolutely disgusting in my opinion and is a complete rip off. (That’s £50 per month!!). 

Look if you want to pay this much for getting ripped off, oops I mean coached, well that is your choice but there is that many decent goalkeeper coaches about that will charge about £4-£6 for the hour, you are daft not to go to these guys instead!!!

What makes me laugh with the goalkeeping training schools that charge these high prices, is they state, we are doing this for the young kids, we love our students, we care for our students etc etc... This is like the farmer telling his prize turkey he loves him, just before he chops his head off for Christmas dinner.

You cannot tell someone you are doing them a favour, and then rip them off with over inflated prices.

Anyhow, it’s up to you as a parent but with myself, I do believe in paying for my children to get coached (my daughter does dance) but I think there is a fine line between paying for a service and getting ripped off. So if you are paying these high prices, you have to decide are you paying for a great service or getting ripped off?

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