Friday, August 06, 2010

Picking the correct Goalkeeper Shorts

How do you pick the best Goalkeeper Shorts?
Most goalkeepers will go to a shop and buy the first padded goalkeeper shorts that they see.
Big mistake!
I think maybe goalkeepers buy (or a parent of a keeper buys) because they just see goalkeeper shorts with PADS and think that these goalie pants will do the job?
But not so!
When you buy padded goalie shorts you should make sure!
1.       The padding is not too thick
2.       The padding is not too thin
3.       The shorts go to the knee
4.       There is enough padding around the hip
Let me explain further:
1. If the padding is too thick, it will restrict your movement:
2. if the padding is too thin, it’s pointless wasting you money. Seriously I have seen padded goalkeeper shorts and the padding is like paper!
3. You need padded short to at least go to your knee, so when you slide out your short can ride up your leg, thus protecting your thighs and hips.
4. Some short padding do not protect the full hip. Make sure there is plenty of padding protecting your hips!
IMPORTANT: When you try and pair of these pants on, ‘FEEL THEM ON YOU’ on you! I know its sounds silly what I say but feel the padding to see if there is good padding around your hips, not too thick and certainly not too thin.
IMPORTANT IMPORTANT: Then make sure you can bend and twist in them as you need to be able to be flexible in your goalkeeper shorts otherwise it will restrict your movement and YOU will concede goals!
I hope this goalkeeping tip helps you, so please remember do not just but a pair of padded shorts just because they have padding on them, you have to make sure these shorts are right for you!
Best of Goalkeeping
Ray Newland
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