Monday, August 16, 2010

Goalkeeper Training Drills

With there being so many many Goalkeeper Training Drills on sale on the internet today with different ranges of DVD’s, how do you know what the best ones to go for is?

As a goalkeeper coach, I think the first thing you have to look out for, is who is the coach selling these goalkeeping drills?
I know goalie coaches, who are nice guys who have collated their own goalkeeper session plan drills but me personally I would not buy these drills from them as I want to only purchase from a goalkeeper coach who has experience and has a good reputation of being a great keeper coach and who has developed many keepers!

This is nothing against these coaches, it’s just I am a firm believer, if you want to be the best you have to learn from the best!


I would also strongly recommend that you buy Goalkeeper Training drills DVD's rather than purchasing these drills in a book where these drills have been drawn up and put in print.

I think why this is as important as a GK coach, is that you need to capture how intense this drill (s) should be, how hard to work your students, what tempo is needed for this drill, whether a drill should be used for kiddies or adults etc etc, and it can sometimes be difficult capturing the ‘Emotions’ goalkeeper drills in print.

Also a book will not explain a mistake thoroughly.

FO EXAMPLE: If you are watching a Goalkeeping DVD and the coach is coaching his students, and that student makes a mistake, and the coach corrects this mistake, well you can see in real time how you could solve this mistake. And if you did not catch it the first time, you can always replay the DVD until you understand how to fix that particular goalkeeping problem.

Again you cannot get this from a book, as mistakes are not really highlighted.

The only people I recommend getting goalkeeper training drills from out of a book are goalkeeper coaches with experience. So if you are GK coach who is still wet behind the ears, my advice is get a goalkeeping coaching DVD rather than a book. They are more or less the same price anyway and I believe will help with the development of your goalkeeper coaching skills.

Best of Goalkeeping

Ray Newland

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