Thursday, August 05, 2010

Goalkeeper Training DVD's

Most goalkeepers (or parents of goalkeepers) make the mistake when buying a goalkeeper DVD.
They will see what Goalkeeper DVD's for sale, like the title and picture on the front cover and buy without thinking!

What you have to think about when buying a goalkeeping DVD is if it's for your level of understanding towards goalkeeping!

Let me explain another way.

A parent of a goalkeeper or grassroot goalkeeping coach will buy a goalkeeper DVD that is too advanced for them, so they will either:

1: Not understand the goalkeeping exercises, so do not pass on this new found information onto the goalkeeper.


2: Worse still, they try and improvise what they have watched. Worryingly for the keeper they might be teaching, they but their 'adaptation' on what they think is right. Sadly, these guys will unintentionally do more harm than good to their goalkeeping student.

At the other side of the coin, a experienced goalkeeper coach might by a goalkeeper DVD that is too basic, so will get nothing out of this DVD!

Another bit of advice for parents or grass root goalkeeper coaches is to get some advice from an experienced goalkeeper coach before they buy anything. This is easily done nowadays as there will be an abundance of experienced keeper coaches in your area, so seek these guys out and simply ask as most gk coaches are decent guys and will always help!

So as basic as this sounds, make sure that before you buy any goalkeeping DVD you read the DVD content before you purchase otherwise you could be wasting your money.

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