Monday, August 09, 2010

Finger Protection Goalkeeper Gloves

With hundreds of different finger protection goalkeeper gloves on the market, how do you pick the correct goalie glove for you?

I have been a goalkeeper coach for over 20 years now and one of the MOST IMPORTANT bits of advice I tell my students when I advise them on buying finger protected is, is when you try them on, make sure you can completely clench your fist!

If you cannot make a full fist and you try and punch the football, you can easily break your fingers. In the early days, the finger protection goalie gloves were brilliant at stopping your fingers going backwards but were a nightmare because the goalkeeper could not make a fist, which can be dangerous.
As technology has improved, this problem seems to have got better with the majority of gloves, but in certain 'replica' goalkeeper gloves, this is still sadly a problem.

The good and bad news is, there are ALOT of goalkeeper gloves with finger protection now. So how do you choose the correct finger save goalkeeper glove?
This is what I advise my goalkeeper students when buying.
1. Search the internet and check out as many finger protected gloves as you can.

2. See which glove designs you like.

3. Try and see if your local sports shop stocks these gloves. (So you can try on without obligation to purchase)

4. You could maybe also order off the internet and simply return if you do not like. (Please make sure the glove internet company will do refunds though... as some do not!)

5. Do not be afraid to try different goalkeeper gloves as most keeper gloves are more or less the same now. Well the goalie gloves at the mid to top of range bracket are. (Try and stay away from the lower branded keeper gloves)

In fact, do you know most gloves now are made in the same factories!

The message I want to get across in this article, is DO NOT, I say AGAIN, DO NOT buy finger protection goalkeeper gloves were you cannot make a full fist.

Best of goalkeeping

Ray Newland

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