Thursday, August 05, 2010

Goalkeeper Training in Liverpool

Goalkeeper Training in Liverpool

Do you want to become a professional goalkeeper or better your goalkeeping skills?

If you are a parent of a goalkeeper it is very confusing trying to find the best goalkeeper coaching for your son or daughter. It is very important that you get the correct coaching techniques for you child or goalkeeper.

In Liverpool you are very Lucky that JUST4KEEPERS GOALIE SCHOOLS are offering FREE training sessions throughout liverpool and as their coaches are some of the most succesful gk coaches Internationally, you will be in good hands!

Here are some of the techniques you need to learn as a goalkeeper:

1. Handling
2. Footwork
3. Agilty
4. Communication
5. Speed
6. Concentration
7. strong mental toughness

Just4keepers Goalkeeper training in Liverpool is in many area, so contact 0151 222 3657 0r 07917610516 for your free goalie training session in liverpool

best pf Goalkeeping

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