Thursday, August 05, 2010

How to wash my goalkeeper gloves

How to wash my Goalkeeper Gloves
Most goalkeepers make a massive mistake when they wash their goalies gloves!
Mistake number 1:
They put in a washing machine
Mistake Number 2:
The tumble dry or worst still but on a radiator.
If you do the two above steps, your goalkeeper gloves will not last five minutes!
1: Do not add any type of detergent or cleaner. Just have a bowl of luke warm water.
2: Gently wash your gloves with your fingers until you get the dirt off.
3: Rinse your Gloves.
4: Repeat number 1 and 2, so you are getting all dirt off gloves.
5: Put your gloves on a dry towel (palm up) and let them dry at room temperature.
I repeat DO NOT use false heat like radiator or boiler, you must let them dry slowly and with natural room temperature heat.
Once your goalkeeper gloves are dry put them in your goalkeeper glove bag or wrap them in a towel and put them in your kitbag.
If you do the above, your gloves will keep their grip longer (so will be a better goalie glove) and they were also last you alot longer, thus saving you money on having to buy more gloves!
I hope this tip helps you get better use out of your goalie gloves and saves you money!
Best of Goalkeeping

Ray Newland

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