Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Umbro Goalkeeper Gloves

I have been asked to do quick review on the Umbro Goalkeeper Gloves

After the world cup loads of my students have asked me about his glove. It does look a really nice glove and the ones David James wears are good. But these are the top of the range ones probably about £50+.

The problem I am seeing with my students is they are going to the local big sports outlets and buying the replicas at about £10-£15. These gloves are like paper and not really giving the goalkeeper much padding and protection as the palms and backhand are not that thick. But you have to remember these are the replicas you are buying in these shops.

I am going to plug the £15 Just4keepers Reaction gloves now. Lol
When you look at the quality in these gloves for the same price, there is no comparison, hence why the Reactions are our biggest seller.

So what you have to understand, just because these gloves look the same as what David James wore in the world cup, you may be buying replicas, which are not ideal unless you are just a bambino starting off in your goalkeeping.

Most glove brands to do this and offer a replica and normally they are the brands biggest seller because kids see their idol pro keeper wearing this glove then think they are buying the same glove, when in reality they are not.

In the Just4keepers glove range we do not offer replicas because of the reason above as we want our keepers wearing the best materials for their age!
So be warned: If you are buying from local sports retailers, check you are not buying the replicas!

I hope this tip helps?

Best of Goalkeeping

Ray Newland

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