Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Finger Save Goalkeeper Gloves

Finger save goalkeeper gloves are now very popular glove to buy but most goalkeepers (or the parent of a goalkeeper) always make the same MASSIVE mistake!

They buy a pair of finger save gloves that they cannot bend!

Let me explain further.

When you try on a pair of finger protected gloves you have to make sure that you can make a full fist. This is really really important!

Most keepers buy these gloves and can only make half a fist when trying to close their hand.
Now the gloves will be great stopping their hands or fingers going backwards when they are catching a ball but the problem occurs when you need to punch the ball?

Imagine trying to punch a ball with a half closed hand?

Two things are going to happen here:

1: Your punch will be effected, so will not go as far
2: You could actually break your finger (s).

There are actually only a few finger save goalkeeper gloves out on the market where you can actually make a full fist but it is worth shopping around because it can have a real bad impact on your goalkeeping if you choose the wrong goalkeeper glove.

Also the gloves were you can make a full fist will probably be a bit more expensive than the rigid ones but it will be worth paying this additional price as you will have less chance of hurting yourself and it will help ALOT more when you want to punch a ball.

So BEFORE you buy ANY Finger Save Goalkeeper Glove, do some research online first and try and few pairs of gloves on before you make your decision.

For more free help on picking the correct finger save goalkeeper glove, visit:

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Ray Newland

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