Wednesday, September 01, 2010


Most goalies see the words Goalkeeper Gloves for sale in an advertisement and think that they have found the right place to find great keeper gloves.
But this is not necessary the case!

With there being so many glove brands on the market today, and not forgetting different palms cuts (negative cut, roll finger, flat palm, hybrid cut etc) it really is a mine field when buying goalie gloves.

Unfortunately most keepers will see an advert for cheap goalkeeper gloves, or the best goalkeeper gloves and then go to a particular shop or website and just buy because they are cheap or they have been quoted as the best!

Big mistake.

Before you start buying, you really need to know not only what glove brand you need and what is best for your hand, but also what palm you need.
For example: Just4keepers wrappa palm or just4keepers finger save glove

The correct way!

Really as a goalkeeper, you should know what is the best glove for you and then when you do a search on the internet put in the EXACT glove that you are looking for.

When the results pop up for the gloves that match your requirements, you can then search the exact goalkeeping glove best suited to you and your hand shape.

One of the worst things goalkeepers can do is buy a glove that is not suited to their hand. And even though you might get this glove 99% off normal retail price, it is not worth buying this glove unless it fits comfortably on your hand!

So remember, please do not check any website or shop out just because it states Goalkeeper Gloves for sale, because you really should be targeting your search for gloves that are only suited for your hand shape.

Best of goalkeeping

Ray Newland

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