Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Where to find Goalkeeper advice?

One of the massive mistakes goalkeepers make when looking for GK advice, especially new keepers (And a Goalkeepers parent) is they just type into a search engine...

Goalkeeper Advice or Goalkeeper help.

The problem you have guys is this is too generic and what you find is that you will just pull up a load of generic goalkeeper coaching websites, that most probably cannot help! Also if you are getting a ton of websites to choose from, which one do you pick?

Again a hard choice, especially if you are not sure what to look for?

so instead, try and be a bit more specific like:

Advice on taking a goal kicks
Advice of find the best goalkeeper coaching schools.
where do i find the best goalkeeping training schools in my area.
How to catch that perfect cross
How to save a penalty
How do i communicate better as a goalkeeper
How to become a professional goalkeeper

I have been around top level goalkeeper coaching fro 20 years now, playing professional and coaching in my organisation that is the biggest in the world now. And one thing that I have found is the goalkeepers who ask the most detailed questions, seek out the answers and the more importantly, ACT on this new found advice, go on to achieve more than the keepers who ask a generic goalkeeping question!

So please be detailed in the questions you ask in your goalkeeping world, and remember ACT on the advice given. because if you do not act or put in practice your new found keeper knowledge it is obviously not going to help you!

I Hope this keeper tip helped?

Best of Goalkeeping

Ray Newland

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