Monday, September 06, 2010

What is the best Goalkeeper Gloves

What the best goalkeeper gloves for me?

A lot of goalkeepers (or in particular the parent of a goalkeeper) always make the same schoolboy error mistake when purchasing goalie gloves.

They check out websites and or gloves review websites and go with the Goalkeeping Glove that everyone says is the best on the market!

But two things are wrong here:

1: The chances are, the keeper glove everyone is raving about is probably just the ‘In glove’ at that present time and not necessarily the best on the market. Companies now are very clever with their marketing and sadly most people are like sheep and once a handful of people (Or companies) say ‘these gloves are the best’ most people just follow the herd!

Just because websites or review sites say these gloves are the best. You have to make a decision whether they mean they are actually these best or just the next fad on the market!

2: This is most the most important point: Lets say this glove everyone is raving about is the best on the market. Just because it is the best, it does not mean its best for YOU!

Because everyone body’s hand shape is different, certain goalie gloves will be great for you and others will not!

FOR EXAMPLE: If the best glove on the market is the new supa dupa roll finger goalkeeper glove but your hand shape best suits a fingersave goalie glove or even a negative cut goalkeeper glove well it does not matter how good this ‘Best Glove’ is because it does not suit your hand shape.

So you have to make sure before you buy ANY goalkeeping glove even if suppose to be the BEST, you have to make certain it suits YOUR hand shape otherwise you will probably waste your money.

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