Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Goalkeeping Gloves

I have been asked to do quick review on the Umbro Goalkeeper Gloves.

After the world cup 2010 loads of my students have asked me about his glove. It does look a really nice glove and the ones England keeper David James wears are good. But these are the top of the range ones probably about £50 .

The problem I am seeing with my students is they are going to the local big sports outlets and buying the replicas at about £10-£15. The problem is that replicas will not perform as good as the high specification counterpart.

These gloves are like paper and not really giving the goalkeeper much padding and protection as the palms and backhand are not that thick. But you have to remember these are the replicas you are buying in these shops.

The problem?
The problem with replica gloves is they look more or less the same as the ones your see your favourite professional goalkeepers wear. But they are NOT the same, in fact even though they look the same they are different specifications and this is VERY important.
The goalkeeper glove you see your favourite pro keeper wear will be top f the range with the best specifications possible. So if you are only paying £10-£15 for these gloves, unless you are getting in a special sales deal offer, the chances are you have bought a replica glove.
These gloves are not going to the same job as the main high specification gloves and the chances are they will not last as long.
So if you are going to buy a pair of goalkeeper gloves you see your favourite goalkeeper wearing you have to make certain that you are not buying the replica pair otherwise you will not get the performance your were expecting!
I hope this tip helps?

best of Goalkeeping

Ray Newland

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