Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Are Aqua Goalkeeper Gloves worth the money?

Are Aqua Goalkeeper Gloves worth the money?

Over the years as a goalkeeper coach and now launching my own goalkeeper glove brand, i am always asked, ‘Are Aqua Goalkeeper Gloves worth the money?’

My answer is yes, and no.

I say ‘No’ because being a professional goalkeeper for 10 years and now running my own International goalkeeper training schools for nearly 11 years, I have seen every goalie glove you can imagine, and I have always been of the opinion that Aqua gloves are more mind over matter, rather than the Aqua glove actually being better than a normal white palm super soft latex palm.

Also developing my own glove brand, my feelings are underlined that maybe a Aqua goalkeeper Glove will only do the same job as a normal white palmed glove. In fact i believe it that much, i have decided not to bother having a Aqua Goalie Glove in my range.

For many people who know me, they will tell you that I do not believe in pulling the wool over people eyes, and rightly or wrongly, my thoughts are that I was doing this when i has Aqua keeper gloves though my brand, hence why i pulled the plug on them!

The reason why i still yes, is that goalkeeping is very much a confidence and metal position and if you wear a goalkeeper glove, or even a goalkeeping item that ‘YOU’ believe will make you play a better game, wear it!

iI you ask most professional goalkeepers, they will all tell you that they wear an item (that you might think is crazy) just because they believe it makes them play better!

So if you think Aqua goalkeeper gloves will make you play better, go for it.

I hope this goalkeeping tip helps you?

Best of Goalkeeping!

Ray Newland

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