Saturday, September 04, 2010

advice on buying goalkeeper gloves

Advice on buying goalkeeper gloves

It's vital that when you purchase goalkeepers gloves that the gloves fit very well around your hand. Badly fitting gloves restrict movement making it difficult to catch a ball cleanly. Gloves that are too small can be painful and distract you in a game, which could cause a goal.

However, having a keeper glove too big, is just as bad. Probably worse!

This is the most common thing that I see with my students, is that they buy gloves with a couple of cm space on the tips of each finger and thumb. This is a massive mistake for a goalkeeper because this extra glove material can actually get in the way of you catching the ball!

So what do you do?

When you buy a pair of goalkeeper gloves, first ask advice on buying gloves from the shop that you are buying from as most should have at least one person there who can advise you.
Ideally when you try a pair of goalkeeper gloves on, the goalie gloves should fit exactly snug on the tips of each finger and also the thumb. You do not want them too tight or definitely too big. They need to be snug on you!

Also please make sure you buy a pair of gloves that have a white palm, and have soft latex. There are loads of different named palmed gloves now, a lot blind you with science but if you stick to a white super soft palm, you will never go far wrong.

Another important bit of advice for buying goalie gloves is that you do not have to pay £50 plus to have a decent pair.  There are enough glove brands on the market now were you can get a quality pair of gloves between the price of £30-£50, so do not pay silly money!

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