Friday, September 03, 2010

How to find the best Goalkeeper Drills

Where do you find the best goalkeeper drills?

If you are a goalkeeper who wants to improve it does help if you can get hold of some goalkeeper drills that you can utilise in your goalkeeper sessions can be advantageous to your development.
However getting the correct keeper drills for your ability level can be a challenge, as you have to make certain that you do not get drills that are either too developed or even too basic.
As keeping is a specialist position, you really have to be careful what GK drills you do actually purchase, watch and indeed put into practice.
So here is my top tips on how to find the correct goalkeeper drills for you!

1: if you have a goalkeeper coach, ask him what level you are as a keeper. A experienced coach will tell you your exact level and what levels you should be looking to learn from.
2: I know it’s not ideal, but if you have not got a experienced goalkeeper coach, ask your soccer manager. Depending on heir experience, they should also give you an idea of what level you are.
Once you have an idea of your playing level then:
Do an internet search for goalkeeping drills and check out as many items that are for sale that can help you improve your goalkeeping. Make sure these DVD’s or books you are thinking about buying are:
1: From a reputable experienced goalkeeper coach: (If you just buy any session plan from any coach, your goalkeeping may suffer). So check out this coach you are potentially buying from, look what he has done in the game, and has he got testimonies from other people who have bought from him etc.
Once you are happy this guy can help you, but.
2: Do not pay through your nose! There is a lot of GK coaches selling their experiences for a fair price while others are charging a silly price! So try not to get ripped off.
3: See if there is after sales service: Anybody can make a dvd or book look good but are they willing to offer you help and advice after you have bought. If they are not offering this option, do not buy!
Getting goalkeeper drills from the right goalkeeper coach can REALLY help you improve your goalkeeping, just make sure you buy right! Your goalkeeping is too important to make a mistake!
Best of Goalkeeping

Ray Newland

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