Friday, October 01, 2010

Cheap Goalkeeper Gloves

Goalkeepers or a parent of a keeper who type in the term Cheap Goalkeeper Gloves, normally tend to get the worst gloves on the market that wear away to quickly which means in the long run these goalkeepers end up spending more money through the soccer season on their keeper gloves.


This is because cheap goalie gloves generally have poor quality and poor specifications, which means for the most part they will wear away quicker.

Also cheap gloves again generally do not perform well, ie their grip will be very poor!

You do pay for what you get i am afraid, especially with goalkeeper gloves.

I understand some goalkeepers might not have a choice because of lack of money in the household so they have to go after the cheap goalkeeping gloves but did you know if you spent maybe just £5 ($8) on a pair of gloves that these gloves will last longer and perform well!

So instead of going through say 6 or 7 pairs of cheap poor quality gloves each season, you might only go through 3 maybe 4 pairs, thus saving you money but more importantly you will have a goalkeeperglove that will perform for you.

In my experience, if you spend less than £10 ($16) for a pair of cheap goalkeeper gloves, you will have the problems above. But if you can stretch that bit more to say £12-£15 ($20-$22) you will get a much better glove that will last longer, thus saving you money throughout the football soccer season.

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