Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Just4keepers Coaches now goes FIFA 2011

As most people know, the Just4keepers goalkeeper coaches in J4K hail from semi professional, professional and even international backgrounds.

So we have now gone one further, we now have a J4K coach who is a computer game! lol

Below you will see our very own Darren Quigley who is the current Irish U23 International goalkeeper.

The picture is actually  not darren, but is actually Darren as a computer grafic on the Play station FIFA 2011!

So if you are from ireland and live around the Wicklow and South Dublin area, why not go and get trained by our very own J4K Playstation Fifa goalkeeper coach!

Darren Quigley!


Goalkeeper School said...

We can offer the very best in goalkeeper coaching, but no guarantees you'll be in a Playstation or Xbox game!

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