Friday, October 08, 2010

Just4keepers Goalkeeper Schools Ethics!

Alot of goalkeeper schools think its all about them, and are only interested in stroking their own ego's. what most forget its all aout the students and this is one of the reasons why Just4keepers continues to grow. Please see the testimony letter from a parents below.

Now these guys have not attemded J4k for 2 YEARS. but this is the impact that J4K has had on a young mans life... this is what coaching is about, HELPING OTHERS... its not about the coach!

Hi Ray,
Hope you are ok,just thought I would keep you up to speed with what Kris is up to these days,as have not touched base with you for almost 2 years.
After he left just4keepers he had trials for Cheshire under 18s and was selected to represent mid Cheshire in the cup run of 4 games.The 1st game was against Altrincham which really was their reserve team and they were the strong favourites,however after conceeding a goal Kris team won 2 – 1 but he was brilliant in last 20 minutes keeping them out.After that they lost the remaining 3 games and did not qualify for final.
The manager of mid Cheshire asked Kris to come and play for Middlewich Town reserves,which he did and played for 1 season.He played in 1st team for cup semi and final which they won.The players who were aged between 18 and mid 30s were impressed with Kris and he was voted players player that season.Despite pleas from players Kris wouldn’t sign last season as he was going to Salford uni to persue his passion of music and tv and film production. Words from yourself of always put education 1st still ring in my ears and this is what kris followed. All last season he never bothered with football at all and concentrated on achieving high marks in uni, which every credit to him he achieved..As he resides in Salford his boots and gloves remained at home.
About 4 weeks ago Kris asked for us to buy a cheap pair of gloves of which we assumed was for messing about with. Anyway last Wednesday he rang and told us he had had his 1st trial to represent uni team which was surprise to us. Yesterday he had 2nd trial, and out of 120 guys on trial only 4 were picked for the existing 1st team as replacements and Kris was the goaly picked. Apparently they have 4 teams,1st,2nd,3rd and 4th.The captains told Kris they had never seen a goaly as good as Kris in the 3 years that they had been there.
We are really proud of him, ok he has not been picked  for pro clubs but he has proved that what he lacks in height he certainly makes up for it with what he can do in the nets. A major part of what he has achieved is down to you Ray, and we thank for your brilliant coaching over the years with Kris.
Hope everything is going well for you with just4keepers as we think you are just brill !!!
Will keep in touch and let you know how he is going.
Best wishes
Ian and Teresa

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