Monday, November 25, 2013

Are you wearing the WRONG Goalkeeper Glove?

Did you know 90% of  young keepers do not wear the goalkeeping glove that is correct for their hand which can caue many problems.
Result: A lot of drop balls making you look bad as a goalkeeper! so you need to get the correct goalie glove.

Also your gloves wear away ALOT quicker when you wear the wrong glove, meaning you have to buy even more gloves costing you more money.Other goalkeeper glove companies will not tell you this for obvious reasons! ie, they want you ro keep buying ... but at J4K we like to give you the knowledge to save money!
EVERY goalkeeping glove on the market has its own cut, so one glove can differ from another, so you need to know what is the best keeper glove cut for you and your hand... this is  important!
When goalies look for goalkeeper gloves for sale they just buy the gloves that their favourite professional keeper wears. This is a BIG MISTAKE… because what is good for this pro goalkeeper might not be good for the goalkeeper that copies them!
For example, did you know that rollfinger goalkeeper gloves are best for keepers with thin slim hands, and negative cut gloves are best for keepers with broad chunky hands! So if you get this the wrong way around, this will not help your goalkeeping! and this is a common mistake keepers make!
Unfortunately  the ONLY way you are going to find out  which is the best goalkeeper glove for your hand shape is trying them on in a game situation or ideally in a training session. Now this means you will most probably waste  a bit of money to try a few pairs on over the months  to see whats best for you BUT as there are only really four main keeper glove cuts, Flat, Roll, Hybrid and negative it will not break  your bank (Or your parents bank.. lol ), to find out the best glove for your hand shape.
The best goalkeeping glove help and advice that I can give you, is when you put on a pair of  goalie gloves on that feel really comfortable… go with your gut instinct and use this type of glove as you need to feel like you have not even got a pair of gloves on if this makes sense?

WARNING – If you put on soccer gloves on and they feel wrong, even by a small bit DO NOT wear these gloves as the chances are these are not good for your hand shape.
Hope this quick tip helps?
Best of Goalkeeping
Ray Newland
CEO and Founder of Just4keepers

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