Thursday, October 20, 2011

Is your goalkeeper coach doing more harm than good?

GK coaches who have never played at no great standard, taking their coaching badges and then all of a sudden thinking they are goalkeeper experts. Now please do not get me wrong, anyone who wants to take their coaching badges to help children has my full support and my admiration.

But I think these goalkeeper coaches need to know their limits. Please Note: There is NOTHING wrong with knowing your limits, if you speak to the gk coaches in the world, they also will be honest and tell you that they too know their limits!

So why do goalkeeper coaches who have no real playing experience who take a maybe their level 1 or 2 goalkeeper badge be a closed shop and let nobody into their soccer club?

In one word 'Fear'.

I have seen so many cases where a experienced goalkeeper coach was invited to run a goalkeeper course by the clubs president or secretary etc but the goalkeeper coach put a halt to this.

actually, The worst case I seen was in New York state when aex international goalkeeper coach who I knew was prepared to come and coach the goalkeepers at this soccer club but the gk coach in question kicked up such a fuss because he said he could develop the keepers just as good as this international. So this coach was stopped.

I did my research on this coach and the highest he played was college soccer and he only had his first level gk certification, so with the greatest respect, he had no right to make these comments. What is sad, its the children that had missed out on this coaching and also the gk coach in question would have also developed because he would have learned some new drills etc.

The reason this type coach does not want a 'experienced goalkeeper coach' coaching at his chosen club is because is he frightened that he will be found out, that all the keepers and other coaches will all of a sudden say 'hold on, what we have been teaching?'

What these grassroot soccer gk coaches do not realise that these experienced goalkeeper coaches are not after their job, they LOVE giving something back, not only to young gk students but also to coaches.

So a grassroot soccer goalkeeper coach can gain just as much as the goalkeepers with having a more experienced gk coach at hand. I run the biggest goalkeeper schools in the world, and would not hesitate to ask for help!

I do think some of the presidents and secretary of grassroot soccer clubs need to be lot more tougher with their goalkeeper coaches and make sure that they are getting the correct help and advice. And it does not mean getting the next level of a goalkeeping certification, sometimes alls it needs is a more experiences gk coach to come into the club and offer their expertise.

So my point is to grassroot soccer gk coaches, for the sake of your goalkeepers development, please do not think you are an expert because you have taken a few goalkeeper courses, and do not be afraid to bring in a more experienced gk coach to come and help you. As you win and more importantly so do your student

The only way you improve as a goalkeeper coach, is seeking help and advice from as MANY other gk coaches as you can.

Remember, 'Keepers Union!'

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