Monday, October 24, 2011

Are you big enough as a goalkeeper??

I hate this guys, over the years the amount of great goalkeepers I have taught that have been rejected by professional clubs because of their height has been staggering! I believe if a goalkeeper is good enough, they are big enough.

Well check out this website that I have found, they believe the same as me!

So role up your goalie gloves and check out what these guys say!

This is what these guys say: (what they look for in a keeper).

This really annoys us at GK agent but football clubs are looking for goalkeepers who will grow to be at least 6ft 1 inch plus!

We at GK Agent believe if you are good enough, you are big enough, but sadly most professional football clubs have this template in their mind that goalkeepers need to be 6ft plus! So as an goalkeeping agency, this is what we need to look for and develop. Basically the football clubs are the customer and as the saying goes… the customer is always right!

Again we stress, we particular do not agree with this and we will give anyone a chance and if we feel a goalkeeper has talent and are good enough, not matter what their size is, if they are one of our clients we will push them all the way.

In fact for most keepers under 6ft, GK Goalkeeper agency might be their only lifeline, because of the respect football clubs have for the goalkeeper representatives of GK Agent.

But we feel we need to be brutally honest with you in this section and let you know the football clubs requirements what they look for in terms of goalkeepers.

So who do we look for:
If you are a current semi professional or even seasonal professional, please email us at with your details and we will get back to you.
IMPORTANT: We DO NOT answers general questions via email, please subscribe to get our updates and our updates etc.

If you are under 21 and you are just playing local football or if you are a parent of a young keeper wanting to give your child an edge, please go to our webpage ‘Become a GK Client’ and see how you can send GK your goalkeeping details.

Basically if you think you are good enough but are getting overlooked by football clubs, get in contact with GK and we will see what we can do for you.

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