Sunday, August 07, 2011

Are you superstitious???

Are you superstitious???

You will not believe how many emails i get about this topic. Alot of my goalkeeper students are worried that being superstitious before a game is bad.

Too be honest, its not and probably every sportsman, even the great sportsman and women of our time have all had a certain bit of superstitious!

I prefer to call this routine!

Before i played a game as a professional goalkeeper, from the day before I had a set rountine. even as i got change before the game, EVERY item I put on first was left.
Left goalkeeper glove
left sock
left boot
Left hand in sleeve
left leg in shorts etc etc
Even when i taped my socks up, it was always left first!

As i watched my fellow team mates also change for the game, i noticed that they too had a routine while they got changed for the game.

In fact, I had a team mate who had to run out LAST as we ran out onto the pitch, then we signed another player who also wanted to run out last. They actually nearly come to blows in the players tunnel because non of them would be prepared to run out second to last.

So (seriously) they agreed to run out shoulder to shoulder before each game. mad but true.

So if you think you are superstitious, do not worry as I actually think this is a good thing because you are telling your mind you are preparing for a game, which can only be a good thing!

I hope this goalkeeping tip helped?

Best of Goalkeeping

Ray Newland

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