Sunday, August 07, 2011

Anyone for Tennis?

One of my students contacted me recently worried about what his team gk coach was doing with him.

The Gk coach basically had him goal and with a tennis racket, from different angles and distances smashed tennis balls at him.

He asked me, was this good?

My answer is yes (as long as the gk coach explains the benefits). And also that he does not do too much of this type of training. Reason why i say this
is some gk coaches cannot serve very good, and improving as a young goalkeeper is all about the quality of service you get from your coach.

Some goalkeeper coaches use this as a smoke screen to their poor service and even though it makes your goalkeeper training session good fun when your coach bring different training
materials, like the gk rebounder, deflection balls, tennis rackets, etc, these have to be used in moderation.

I am all about making my training session as realistic to a gmae situation as i can, and for example, you do not face a shot from a gk rebounder in a gme situation.

So if your gk coach uses ALOT of different apparatus in your gk sessions,

1: Make sure, he is not use these appartus too much

2: Ask him, what are the benefits (a good coach will explain, a) the benefits and b) more importantly how it would benefit uou in a game situation.

I hope this tip helped?

Best of goalkeeping

Ray Newland

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