Friday, March 18, 2011

Two pairs of boots!

 Recently a GK contacted me because of a nightmare game he had!
The pitches had been wet for weeks, so he was playing in his soccer boots with studs. However after 3 weeks off through no games he played again this weekend.
He took his normal boots but because there had been no rain, the ground was solid.
He explained to me he was in that much pain wearing these long studs on the hard ground he could hardly move around in his goal and thus conceeded 4 sloppy goals!
The moral of this story is fellow goalkeepers, is be prepared!
If you can and finances allow it, always take a 2 pairs of goalkeeper boots to a game. One with studs (for soft ground) and the other pair blades or moulded studs (for hard ground).
This way, you can wear the boots that best suit the playing surface. Now most goalkeepers take at least 2 pairs of gloves to soccer games to combat different playing conditions, and boots should be no different. SO BE PREPARED!
Especially if you are playing on grassroot pitches like we get here in the UK, which are a disgrace! You never know what the playing surface is like until you actually get to the venue!
I hope this quick tip helped?
Ray Newland

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