Wednesday, March 16, 2011


 Hi Ray,

I have to drop you an e-mail as I feel I owe you an apology - usually I believe the old adage about "if something appears too good to be true, it usually is" was invented for a very good reason; and is something I have learned to believe in. And so I must admit, when you offered to sponser my son's gloves I was somewhat sceptical - there was part of me that thought that either there would be some excuse made about giving away the second pair free, or that the gloves would be such a poor quality that they weren't worth having.

   But, oh my God, was I so wrong!

 I placed our first order yesterday morning for one pair of the Reaction gloves - I purposely ordered your cheapest pair first, just in case the sceptical side of me was right - and am now totally amazed. Not even 24 hours after placing the order, my postman has just delivered my son's gloves - not the one pair I had paid for and  was half expecting, but the two pairs you had promised him. I was even more amazed when I actually took them out of the bags and discovered that they weren't cheap, tacky, second-rate gloves, but were of a quality just as good, if not better, than the Puma gloves my son normally wears and which cost almost double the price!

I was totally wrong about you and your offer of sponsorship, and for that I offer you my sincere apologies - it makes a refreshing change to find someone that does what they say they will, and are not out just to make as much for themselves as they can. You're a true gentleman!

 I now look forward to enrolling my son in one of your coaching schools, and of spreading the word of your company and its fantastic offer to all other goalkeepers  we come into contact with. And I will most definitely be placing another order in the near future - this time, for the gloves my son actually wanted!

 Thanks again for agreeing to sponsor my son, and for a fantastic, first-rate service offering quality gloves at an unbelievable price. 

Once again, please accept my apologies - I was totally wrong!     

Regards - Andy

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