Saturday, January 15, 2011

Just4keepers Pennsylvania

This is J4K coach Joe Weirs teaching his Just4keepers Goalkeeper students the over arm throw technique  in Pennsylvania USA.

 Joe with Sophie

In the UK we tend to use a ball, but our USA counterparts like to use students as a live demo!

Joking aside, Joe and Simon (Robinson) have been doing a fantastic job running J4K in their state and have already have one of the fastest specialist goalkeeper schools in their area.

Joe Weiss and Simon Robinson - J4K Pennsylvania

Some students enjoying the Just4keepers experience with Joe and Simon

If you want a FREE session with Joe and Simon, please email Simon at:

Best of Goalkeeping

Ray Newland


Simon Robinson said...

Thanks Ray,

We appreciate you giving us a shout on the blog. Regarding the picture of Joe with my daughter Sophie, I am actually laying on the floor just in case he drops here. Joe can throw a soccer ball, but he's a little dodgy throwing kids. Lol!!!

Ray Newland said...

LOL, i do not blame you!
keep up the good work.