Friday, January 21, 2011

Just4keepers Helps J4K Students get to USA

Just4keepers has another exciting success story to share. Nathan Dean who has been at J4k for 7 years now has just been accepted on a 4 year scholarship deal in the USA!

In my opinion Nathan should have been professional goalkeeper but Nathan, Like me, is a little baffled by English football at present so what is England's loss, is now the USA's gain as Nathan now takes his talents overseas!

Lets hope for the sake of our National team, we do not loose the likes of Nathan Deans too often!!!

Myself and all of J4K wish Nathan the best of luck!!!

If you want to follow in Nathans foot steps and you are not attending J4K, email me TODAY on  

You never know, you could be our nest success story?

Here's Nathans story here:

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