Thursday, December 09, 2010

VERY Proud of Just4keepers Goalkeeper School

With many Goalkeeper Training Schools now popping up everywhere with a focus of just wanting to coach the best of the best, which is wrong in my opinion... when you see the testimony below from a parent of a disabled child attending J4k, it make me so so proud of what J4K is achieving for children.

Just4keepers is here for children of all ages and abilities, and even though no goalkeeper coaching school in history has helped as many young goalkeepers get to professional clubs like J4K has... this testimony proves that J4K cater, really does cater for all!!!

What a testimony!

I have a nine year old autistic boy who has physical disabilities and has hearing difficulties. When he was three we were told his co-ordination was so poor that he would never write. This meant that he struggled with team sports and his movement was quite clumsy. We started with kick boxing and singing so he had some interests and yes he has learnt to write. a year ago as he was in a small school the kids managed to persuade him to go in goal in an interschool football tournament imagine our surprise when he as quite good. 

We found Just4keepers and Jim Provitt and he has been fantastic. Having played for less than a year he was offered a spot in three first division tjfa teams. He has picked one and between you and I he has played for four times now they weren’t doing so well but they have drawn once and won three times with him in goal.
Yes of course this is a team sport but when he struggled to even go to football parties at aged 6 this is more than we could have ever dreamed of.  His fitness  is improving, he is managing, sort of with the other kids and can hear most of what the coach says. so football could give our son self confidence, improved fitness and a sense of being part of a team. So Jim Provitt of J4K in billingham has done a fantastic job with him. 

There might be kids out there who have got into man u or wherever but for disabled kids Just4 keepers have done a brilliant job (unlike the fa).

Thank you  so much
Paula Dickinson

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