Friday, December 17, 2010

Goalkeepers, DO NOT train on Frozen pitches!!!

Dear Fellow Goalkeepers

Its has come to my attention through the MANY emails I get each day that young goalkeepers are getting forced to train on frozen pitches.

Keepers, PLEASE DO NOT train on this type of surface because it is the most dangerous playing surface a goalkeeper can train on.

Parents, if your son or daughter is getting made to train on frozen pitches, you have to use common sense and refuse to let your child train. I have seen sooooooooooo many injuries happen because of frozen grounds, so please do not train.

Whether its your local soccer club or you attend a goalkeeping schoolss in your area, DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT train on this hard, slippery and VERY dangerous surface.

Uncle Ray has now warned you, so please listen!

Best of goalkeeping my friend

Ray Newland

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