Sunday, July 25, 2010

Safehands Goalkeeping

Safe hand in goalkeeping is important for any goalkeeper!
Most goalkeeper coaches coaching now have NEVER played the game in goal themselves to a high level, so they struggle with understanding this concept!
Okay, they might have their level 1,2 or even Level 3 Goalkeeper coaching badge, but honestly, this means NOTHING. To coach goalkeepers and more importantly develop goalkeepers you really should have played at a high professional level.
Warning for parents: Ask your coach if they have played professionally in goal for a number of years. If this coach has not played at a high level, DO NOT take your child to this coach as they will do more harm than good.
It does not matter what professional field you go into, you need to find a DOER, not a theorist to coach your child and if you do not so this (Especially for goalkeeping coaching) do not be surprised when your child/goalkeeper starts to go backwards.
To bring the best out of your child or goalkeeper, you need a goalkeeper coach who has EXPEREINCE in what he is teaching!
Sadly now, there are too many inexperienced goalkeeper coaches around who also have young inexperienced goalkeeper coaches working for them, who are making a ton of money but not developing young goalkeepers!
So what do you need to do, to have safehands as a goalkeeper?
1.       Find a EXPERIENCED Goalkeeper Coach (who has played professional or semi professional)
2.       Listen to what this coach tells you
3.       Watch as many DVD’s as you can.
Bt please remember to have the best Safehands goalkeeping as a goalkeeper, you need to find the correct goalkeeper coach in your area!
Best of Goalkeeping

Ray Newland
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