Tuesday, July 13, 2010

English Goalkeeper in BIG Trouble

Hi Guys
Many of you might know that I try and campaign to get English keepers the best coaching as I would love England to have the stigma of having the ‘Best Goalkeepers in the world’.
Below you will see the petition website that I launched about 2 years back.
Even though I have been screaming for years stating our National goalkeeping standards is going backwards, still nothing seems to be getting done.
I know the FA run courses that allow people to get their goalkeeping badges but in my opinion this is not working, and will NEVER work. Because coaching goalkeepers is all about EXPERIENCE, EXPERIENCE AND EXPERIENCE!
Come on, how can someone who has never played in goal before, sit a 2 week course, get a goalkeeper certification badge then call him or herself a goalkeeping coach!
Sounds daft right... but this is what is happening now in England!
Only this week, I got a phone call from a venue I have used for nearly 8 years, simply stating you are not using our venue anymore. Not a thank you, not even an appreciation for the service J4K has provided.
And the biggest worry (for the goalkeeper of this club) is the J4K coaches are getting replaced by a parent who has just got their level 1 goalkeeper badge!
For the sake of the goalkeepers development at this club I tried in vain to educate the woman who runs this club and who is the decision maker that myself who has 20 years experience coaching goalkeepers and the other coach who has just come out the professional game and who was England c team keeper for 4 years are slightly more qualified than a dad who has taken a 2 week course!
However this fell on deaf ears because in her opinion, she stated that this parent was just as qualified as myself and my Ex England colleague! Very very worrying!
Now I am not worried about losing this venue, I have spoke to the parents and they are all going to follow myself to whatever new venue J4Kchoose, but it just shows you how far English grassroot football is behind other countries when you have someone running a club who clearly has not got a clue what they are doing.
This club by the way is one of the biggest in my region and from next season the goalkeepers and parents who know no different will attend these so called goalkeeper sessions and go backwards!
I am all for the FA trying to give out goalkeeper certifications but surely to god they have to make these people work for the level 1 badge. In my opinion and for the sake of the next generation of goalkeepers coming through, any person wanting to pass their GK coaching badge should have to go on a course for at least one year before they pass and let loose on our goalkeepers!
If you think I am wrong what I state...
Where is the goalkeeping quality in our professional leagues and were was the quality of English Goalkeepers at this world cup?
I rest my case!
Fabio had to rely on David James who is nearly 40 years old, and who in a way came from the end of an era when England did have great goalkeepers. Peter Shilton, Ray Clemence etc
Do I think this will get any better?
Sadly, as long as goalkeeping badges keep getting given out like sweets this is going to continue and the standard of the English goalkeepers will still go backwards!
It is only for the likes of Just4keepers and other similar goalkeeper schools who have xx professional goalkeepers  running the show, will hopefully save the day!
Best of goalkeeping

From a very worried Goalkeeper coach!
Ray Newland

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