Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Goalkeepers- do not get tired!

 Dear Goalkeeper

The amount of goalkeepers having over use injuries has increased over the years and I think one of the reasons is that children are now having 12 month seasons.

They have their normal football season, but then there are summer leagues and tournaments. Seriously, all I have read in the papers the last few weeks is.

Soccer tournaments in Liverpool

Soccer tournaments in Warrington

Soccer tournaments in Wirral.


Summer leagues in Liverpool, summer leagues in Warrington, summer leagues in Wirral, etc  etc.

I am being deadly honest here: there are some goalkeepers I know in their early teens, who have played more games than me! And I was a professional goalkeeper of 10 years and have been playing in goal for a total of 30 years! This is not right!

If you read my last email, you would have read about my concerns of poor pitches. So if you are a keeper getting a pounding on these pitches for 12 months out of the year, it is going to take its toll on your body, so whenever you can REST!

Also maybe go and have a nice swim every couple of weeks. Nothing hard, just a nice swim as this will help take the weight of your body!

Also if you are parent of a goalkeeper you have to keep assessing this situation and if you believe your child is getting physically tired, maybe let him/her miss a tournament. I know you may be worried they may lose their place, but so what, there will be other clubs!

Remember your child is more important!

So my tip:

Is relax when you can and if your are playing week in week out and need a rest from playing, take your rest!

Remember professional goalkeepers and professional clubs have a 10 week break... so if professionals are taking a break, this should tell you the importance of taking a break!

Best of Goalkeeping

Ray Newland

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