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How to wash your goalkeeper gloves

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How to wash your goalkeeper gloves

One of the biggest mistakes goalkeepers make when washing their goalkeeper gloves is they just shove them in the washing machine and then tumble dry!
Another mistakes keeper’s make is they buy goalkeeper glove wash and think this is going to do the trick... but it will not!
Please remember this: You MUST wash your goalkeeper gloves after EVERY game you play!

WARNING: If you do not look after your goalkeeper gloves properly, they will fall to pieces because of the soft palm, plus the grip will not be as good!
I have been playing on goal at the highest level for 20 years and I think my way is arguably the best way to look after your gloves!

1.    Fill a bowl of water. Luke warm water with NO cleaner or detergent added. JUST luke warm water nothing else!
2.    Put just one glove on, and keep the other off.
3.    Put the glove in the water until its soaking wet.
4.    With you other hand, with your fingers gently (In a circular motion) wipe off all dirt from your gloves.
5.    Rinse and repeat if necessary until you think they are the cleanest you can get them.
6.    Empty bowl of water and repeat with other glove!


Whatever you do, DO NOT tumble dry or put your goalkeeper gloves on artificial heat. (Like central heating system or boiler heater). Instead put them on a towel and let them dry slowly at room temperature. If you put your goalie gloves on false heat, you will drastically reduce the usage of your goalkeeper gloves, which means you, will have to buy MORE goalie gloves costing you MORE money! (Which is not wise).
Doing it my way, even though very basic will save you a fortune, because one you do not have to buy any keeper glove cleaner and plus your gloves will LAST LONGER!
I also found the grip is better on my goalkeeper gloves when I do it this way!

This tip WILL save you ALOT of money if you copy my instructions!

Best of Goalkeeping!

Ray Newland


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