Sunday, April 14, 2013

Goalkeeper Glove Size Guide

If you are a keeper or a parent of a goalkeeper it can be so difficult trying to pick the exact goalkeeper glove for your hand, especially if you are buying online because if you make a error and get the wrong size goalkeeping glove, you

1.      Have to return these gloves at YOUR own expenditure!

2.      Get the goalkeeper Glove Company to send you right size, again at YOUR expenditure!
So by picking the incorrect size glove the extra postage alone to put this right, can cost  you a small fortune, adding a good portion of cash to this gk glove, and this extra money onto your glove, makes it a very expensive glove.
Also if you are a parent of a keeper and you are trying to choose the correct glove for your child, the chances are you will unfortunately make this expensive mistake.
As we are keepers ourselves we do not want fellow goalkeepers and or their parents to make this costly error so what J4K  has done is designed a very unique goalkeeper glove size guide.
What you basically do is look at the goalkeeper glove size chart and check out the sizes and see which matches up to your hand size. You can also print of these size guides if you wish.
So please feel free to check out the guide are goalkeeper glove size chart and use this free service from Just4keepers..
Best of goalkeeping and we hope this helps you save money!

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