Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Always take 2 pairs fo gloves to your soccer game

Quick Tip:

When I played, especially at grass 
root level I ALWAYS took 2 pairs of goalkeeper gloves onto the field.

One gloves was my best glove and the other was the cheaper of the range glove..

When I got to the soccer game, the first thing i would do is check the pitch out. If it was a good surface i would use my expensive gloves. But if it was a poor soccer field, hard ground with no grass or full of mud, I would use my cheaper gloves.

Because if you play on a poor soccer pitch, it does not matter if you play with a pair of $1000 gloves on... they will probably not do the job.

This is because a poor soccer field can be a leveller when it comes to wearing goalkeeper gloves. Especially if you live in the UK... YOU NEED TO TAKE TWO PAIRS!!!

Also it should save you ALOT of money throughout the season doing this because you actually spend less money on gloves!!

best fo Goalkeeping
Ray Newland

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